Chevelle Rock Band

Chevelle is an American band formed in 1995. They originally hailed from Grayslake, Illinois. The lead singer and guitarist is Pete Loeffler. Apart from his custom-built PRS guitars, Pete also owns a Fender Stratocaster, an Ibanez RG and a Gibson Les Paul. The guitar review site GuitarSumo features reviews of all these guitars if you want to dive deeper. Sam Loeffler plays drums and percussion, and Joe Loeffler in backing vocals and bass. In 2005, the band’s bassist, Joe, left. He was replaced by Dean Bernardini. The band was into rock and metal specifically alternative, post-grunge, and nu metal.

To date, Chevelle has already produced 8 albums and has sold over 4 million records across the United States. Aside from this, the band has also released two live albums and a compilation of some of the band’s favorite songs.


It was in 1995, and brothers Pete and Sam’s love for music finally urged them to form a band. Both boys were self-taught in playing the instruments, and later the same year, Joe, the youngest Loeffler, joined the band. The band’s name Chevelle was taken from the car their father liked, the Chevrolet Chevelle.

For the next three years, Chevelle was able to produce a demo album, The Blue Album, and played in small outdoor venues and clubs in Chicago. They were then signed on with Squint Entertainment. In 1999, their first full-length album, Point #1 was released with two singles “Point #1” and “Mia.” It received awards and had favorable reviews.

By 2001, Squint Entertainment closed down. Chevelle signed on to Epic Records and released their second album titled Wonder What’s Next. The album was a certified platinum and the single “Send the Pain Below” reached the number 1 spot in charts. In September 2004, Chevelle released This Type of Thinking which went on to become gold-certified by the RIAA six weeks after its release. Songs from the album including “Vitamin R”, “The Clincher” and “Panic Prone” peaked in a number of rock charts.


As a band classified in the alternative metal and hard rock genre, Chevelle is heavily influenced by The Cure, Tool, and Helmet. Despite these influences, Chevelle was able to maintain their own distinct sound in their music.


While the band was enjoying unprecedented success in their career, the youngest Loeffler, Joe, decided to quit. Although no unclear explanation was offered whether he left or was dismissed, the older brothers Pete and Sam released a statement supporting Joe’s choice to take a break from all the touring and concerts.

And yet, according to Joe himself, in an interview for Ultimate Guitar Archive, he was fired.

While the bassist position of Chevelle was vacant, Geno Lenardo from Filter filled in the position. It wasn’t in 2006 when the brothers decided to get a new bassist in Dean Bernardini, their close friend and brother in law.


Even after Joe’s departure, the band pursued making music, releasing Vena Sera, their fourth album in April 2007. In August 2009, Sci-Fi Crimes was released earning praises for taking a new direction in terms of lyrical content. By the last quarter of 2011, Chevelle then again released another album, Hats Off to the Bull, earning favorable responses for the direction the band’s music has taken.

By April 2014, Chevelle released their seventh album, La Gargola. And then again in July 2016, they released their latest album The North Corridor, of which the single “Joyride” reached the number one spot on the rock charts.


Currently, Chevelle is actively touring with upcoming concerts in Texas this month and in October.



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