It’s High Time VoodooDreams Made a Chevelle Online Casino Video Slot

It’s High Time VoodooDreams Made a Chevelle Online Casino Video Slot


Over the years, we’ve seen many popular rock bands featured in casino slots and, on average, these games have had a good response from the players. It is usually a deal that works for both parties, as casinos and developers get to create a game that already has a guaranteed fan-base while bands get even more visibility and expand their legacy into a whole new realm.

Chevelle may not be as big of a name as some of the bands we’ve already seen featured on the virtual reels but that’s something that should be fixed as soon as possible. The band certainly has a big enough following to make the game an instant-hit and an online slot with their brand would be a great way to make their name even better-known around the globe.

Play N Go + VoodooDreams make a great team

There are few game developers that come to mind that could do a good job with Chevelle-themed slot but one that certainly sticks out is Play’n GO. The company has already cooperated with few rock bands to create branded slots so they certainly know how it is done.

But, even if some of the other vendors took on the task, the recipe is already out there. Pick out some of the best songs to put in the background, especially during the bonus round (Send the Pain Below would definitely fit the bill and so would The Clincher). Add the band members to the reels, mix in some electric guitars and drums, and voila – we have a Chevelle slot.

In terms of gameplay, it seems everyone is going down the megaways road so a six or even-seven reel game with thousands of ways to win would probably be the best option and it would go well with the theme. You don’t make a slot with great music and effects to limit it to a few paylines and small wins.

A great online casino for this is VoodoDreams, who could have an exclusive for the slot for a while and really present it to the players. The game would fit right in with the overall vibe of the site and you can just see it sitting on the front page, with a text in large font, saying something along the lines: “Play Chevelle slot – enjoy great wins and even greater music!”

Pass the Time with Free Spins While Waiting

There are dozens if not hundreds new slots coming out every year so, hopefully, someone will pick up on this idea and realize just how awesome it is. Of course, things don’t move that fast in the iGaming industry, especially when it comes to new slot ideas, as there are so many great ones already in the pipeline.

So, while we’re waiting for someone to finally give us the Chevelle-themed slot, perhaps you could get your hands on some free spins from and try your luck with some other games to pass the time. It doesn’t cost you anything and you could end up winning a bit of money with no risk whatsoever!